Are you looking for some new flooring for your home, but aren’t quite up to speed on what flooring surfaces are trending this year? Although there are many marvelous flooring options on the market today, trends in carpet flooring has designers in Kalamazoo talking about how much they, and their clients, are loving carpet. Kalamazoo homeowners are heading to the West Michigan Carpet & Tile showroom in Mattawan to browse through all of the best quality carpets in all of Michigan.
Now with many variations of textures, patterns and colors, carpets in Kalamazoo are turning into the focal point of the home. No longer just a neutral background for furnishings, carpet is bold with the thicker, deep loop textures in high demand. Many homeowners are choosing carpets that combine patterns with texture for practical reasons such as minimizing vacuum marks. However, these textures and colors provide the home with a more unique style and design appeal.

Just because colored and textured carpet is causing a buzz in the world of interior design, doesn’t mean that neutral colors are on their way out. Considering the trends in carpet in Kalamazoo, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Neutral colored carpets in beiges or earth tones are popular options for homes with pets and children seeing as how they hold up better against stains and show less dirt. Also neutral colored carpets are great for those who choose to have art and furnishings be the focal points in their home and they want carpet that will complement their décor. 

For homeowners in Kalamazoo, carpet has improved the aesthetic of their home immensely. Many have utilized the many wonderful colors and patterns that carpet is available in these days to show their unique and bold tastes. Or they may have chosen a traditional style to accent their beautiful furnishings. Whichever style appeals to you, the West Michigan Carpet & Tile showroom in Mattawan has these carpets and many more for you to learn about!