When it comes to home remodeling tasks such as design, lighting, and carpet, Kalamazoo and Michigan residents know what they are doing. To prove this, a renowned contest was started and the results of that contest have come in.
According to Hometown Life, the honorees have been named:

“The Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan and its NAHBR Professional Remodelers Council have announced the 2015 Remodelers Design Awards honorees. This is the first year the design contest was held. It was open to HBA members, who were invited to submit entries in the six categories shown below. A total of 21 remodeling projects located in Southeastern Michigan were entered.”

Source: Hometown Life, <a href="http://www.hometownlife.com/story/money/business/2015/11/20/remodeling-design-contest-draws-entries-many/76102188/">Remodeling design contest draws entries from many</a> by Staff.
The sheer number of entries into the contest suggests that many of those who live in Michigan have a flair for design. If you speak about this to those who sell carpet, Kalamazoo residents are very knowledgeable about topics such as flooring and other home improvement topics. This only makes sense as many homeowners in the area have seen the logic in adding value to their homes by installing new carpet or other types of new flooring systems.

It is a simple fact that when it comes to installing new carpet Kalamazoo homes and businesses add value to their properties. It is also a fact that new carpeting is one of the most affordable ways to enhance the looks of any room in the home or business place. And with so many different options when it comes to carpet, Kalamazoo consumers can always find what they are looking for locally.

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