When it comes to buying quality carpet, Kalamazoo residents want to make sure they are getting the best deal and best service. Here are ten quick questions to consider before you buy that new carpet.

The following questions are important factors you should consider when deciding to install carpet in your living space.
What Carpet Fiber, Color, and Style Do You Want/Need?

Most of the answers to this question will come from the answers that you give below. 

What Type of Padding Will Be Best for You?

New padding makes a great deal of difference when it comes to how the floor will feel under the new carpeting. Padding is often sold by weight, with higher weight meaning thicker padding. Heavier padding will last longer and feel softer than lighter weights.

What Will the Carpeting Have to Endure?

This question and the next one examine how much wear and tear the carpeting will have to absorb over time. If your new carpeting will be installed in a commercial dining room, for example, with lots of tables and chairs, consider a commercial-grade, heavy-use carpet.

How Much Foot Traffic In the Room?

Even if you are not running a commercial enterprise, you may have rooms that will see a lot of foot traffic. Hallways and stairs are also subject to a lot of foot traffic. 

Does the Room Lead Outdoors?

If the room leads outdoors, consider carpeting that has a lower cut pile as this will be much easier to keep clean that thicker pile carpeting. You may even want to consider indoor/outdoor carpeting, depending on what the room is used for.

What Size Do You Need?

When buying new carpet, Kalamazoo residents want to buy enough but not too much. A good tip for measuring is to get the room's width and length and then add 10-12 percent more. Or, draw a picture of the room with each measurement listed on the drawing and take it to the flooring store with you. This is good for those odd shaped rooms.

Do You Have Indoor Pets?

You can choose new carpeting that is stain-resistant to pet accidents. 

Is the Room Naturally Light or Dark?

When it comes to colors of carpet, Kalamazoo residents can use their new carpeting to help bring in light to darker rooms or help dim rooms that are overly bright.

Are There Any Special Deals Available?

Many flooring stores, including West Michigan Carpet & Tile, will offer special deals that can help you save money. In some cases, a lot of money. Ask about them when you visit their showroom in Mattawan, MI.

How Much Will Installation Cost?

Always a good question to ask, and don't be afraid to ask for a discount!

As you can see, when it comes to carpet, Kalamazoo residents can be armed with a lot of information before they visit the showroom.